Why Workplace Parenting Programs are Good for Business

Why workplace parenting programs are good for business

Calm and capable parents make happier, more productive employees and companies that help their staff with parenting issues are likely to be better equipped to attract and retain the best employees.

In the increasingly competitive employment market employers should always be looking for innovative ways to ensure they are able to attract and retain the best employees through offering a great range of benefits which genuinely reflect the concerns of those employees. Workplace training programs designed to help employees manage their competing pressures of work and family life are a great example of this.

The Founder of Care Corporate, Roxanne Elliott says the Care Corporate Workplace Program was designed with this in mind.

“The Workplace Program is a series of practical presentations, delivered in the workplace, which outlines strategies designed to help staff positively and effectively deal with common parenting issues. Companies who appreciate the importance of maintaining a workforce with great work life balance will quickly see the advantages that such a program can deliver,” she said.

The Care Corporate Workplace Program is offered in conjunction with the University of Queensland and Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) and is founded on more than 25 years of clinical research and evidence based advice that has proven effective for many parents experiencing behavioural issues with their kids. The courses are conducted by accredited Triple P practitioners and trainers and can be conducted in the workplace during lunch times or designated training sessions.

Tailor made

The Care Corporate work based parenting program offers parents support dealing with a huge range of issues including:

  • Disobedience
  • Bed time problems
  • Hurting other people
  • Tantrums
  • Separation anxiety
  • Mealtimes
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Self esteem
  • Starting school

However, according to Roxanne Elliott a key component in the success of any work based parenting programs is ensuring that the information supplied is relevant to the needs of the employees at hand.

She recommends offering a range of training sessions geared towards the specific parenting needs of employees with children at the various ages and stages.

“While the program is very effective in reducing behavioural problems, more than half of its 17 strategies are focused on developing positive relationships, attitudes, skills and conduct. Even when focused on specific behaviours the program teaches parents broader principles that may be applied positively in most parenting situations,” she said.

Roxanne says the benefits to companies of offering programs like this are increased employee loyalty and staff retention rates, improvements in productivity associated with lower stress levels and reduced absenteeism.

“Companies need to do everything they can to gain a competitive edge in the employment market these days. Offering employees a tailor made parenting program designed to address their specific areas of concern demonstrates a great commitment to genuinely improving the work life balance of your employees,” she said.

The Care Corporate parenting courses are available at various levels of detail and can be delivered in a variety of different formats including one-on-one sessions, group training, telephone assisted or self directed learning or any combination of the above. Full supporting documentation and tip sheets are also supplied to ensure participants remember what was covered in the courses.

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 This Better Workplace Bulletin was First Published in November 2012